Grass and Turf Maintenance Services

Grass and Turf Maintenance Services

Turf Maintenance
Turf Maintenance

Grass and Turf Maintenance

Often times, people will use turf grass for their lawns when they have children that play in the yard a lot of if there is high traffic on the grass because turf lawn can withstand much more abuse than other types of grass. When you have any type of grass or turf in your lawn, it needs to be properly maintained to make sure it can grow correctly and thrive throughout the year. It is important to work with a landscape company that understands the different types of grass that can be used for turf lawns as well as how taking care of them differs from other grass types.

Turf lawns grow differently than normal grass lawns which means they require slightly different maintenance than normal lawns. They are generally a much denser grass type and need to be kept at shorter heights to maintain their optimum health. Our team understand the different types of turf that can be grown and used in our area as well as what type of maintenance they require. We can work with you to develop an ideal turf maintenance schedule that includes mowing, fertilizing, and pest control that will keep your lawn growing and looking great year round.

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Our residential and commercial grass and turf maintenance services are available to home and business owners in the Metro Atlanta area. Visit our service area page to see if we can provide you with our turf maintenance services.

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